About SRI

Since it's inception in 1990, Specialized Resources Inc. has focused on providing high quality, low cost products and services to companies that use "Pointspan" manufactured products and equipment.

 As an alternative to OEM, our concept grew rapidly across the nation fueling significant growth.

As customer demand increased, we began offering complete refurbishing and testing of equipment

along with 24/7 customer support.

At SRI we pride ourselves on our depth of inventory and expertise on, "late-in-it's-life-cycle"  hardware.

Our inventory is tested and ready to ship, from the earliest platforms to the latest.

For the best in thoroughly tested, refurbished equipment and parts, Count on Specialized Resources INC.

for unparalleled value and service.

Our Philosophy

Service that goes way beyond what's called for.  Since 1990 we have made it our mission to focus on the needs of our customers, not on ourselves. Because SRI is not affiliated with any particular manufacturer, we have no hidden agenda to sell you a certain type of equipment. Nor do we try to force fit you into the most expensive system possible.  We custom tailor phone systems that are right for your business needs and budget.  Whether you  choose to keep your telecom system for the short term or for many years, you will have the freedom to upgrade by choice and not by planned obsolescenes.  SRI is not in the business of selling other peripheral equipment to add to your system, therefore you will find that SRI understands your telecom system more comprehensively than the manufacturers do.  All customer service inquiries are routed 24/7 through our offices in McKinney Texas. In the event of an emergency, you will receive new equipment over night. It's all part of our service commitment to you and it has been our philosophy since day one.